1 Day On – 29 Off!

In February, the republicans in Wisconsin were pushing a draconian “budget repair” bill through the legislature while cutting off public debate. The 14 Democratic Senators then went to Illinois to avoid a quorum allowing the public to see how bad the Budget repair bill actually was. Boy did that the upset the Republicans who are working hard for the taxpayers of our great state.

As Scott Walker told told Appleton\'s own Great Van Sustern “I’m going to tell them they get paid to come to work, and they should be coming to work,”

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald took it even further “Today, the most shameful 14 people in the state of Wisconsin are going to pat themselves on the back and smile for the cameras. They’re going to pretend they’re heroes for taking a three week vacation.

“It is an absolute insult to the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who are struggling to find a job, much less one they can run away from and go down to Illinois — with pay.”

These guys are HARD workers who only care about the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Even though Governor Walker is already backtracking on his 250,000 jobs pledge, but the republicans are nothing if job creators so they will burn the midnight oil making sure to put Wisconsinites back to work. First of all though, they need to take the month of September off.

Republicans who run the Legislature say they are putting jobs at the top of their agenda for the fall, but they are getting off to a slow start.

Little is planned for Tuesday, their first day back since a wave of unprecedented recall elections narrowed the Republican majority to one vote in the Senate. Two new Democrats will be sworn in on the Senate floor, but that house will not approve any legislation. The Assembly has a light agenda that day and will not be back again until October.

Yes they are laser focused on job creation as soon as they can find the time to actually show up to work. I guess we finally found the lazy public workers that we heard so much about!


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  1. Everyone who is unemployed in this state should converge on the capitol with lawn chairs and umbrellas. If the Repubs think they need a vacation that badly then certainly the currently unemployed taxpayers of this state should get one too.

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