$60 Billion US Tax Dollars/ $12 million a day

No thats not how much your child’s math teacher is costing the state of Wisconsin, it is how much money we have WASTED in Iraq and Afghanistan have SO FAR! According to an independent panel\'s 240 page report.

Overall, the commission said spending on contracts and grants to support U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to exceed $206 billion by the end of the 2011 budget year. Based on its investigation, the commission said contracting waste in Afghanistan ranged from 10 percent to 20 percent of the $206 billion total. Fraud during the same period ran between 5 percent and 9 percent of the total, the report said.

Styled after the Truman Committee, which examined World War II spending six decades ago, the commission was vested with broad authority to examine military support contracts, reconstruction projects and private security companies. But the law creating the commission also dictated that it would cease operating at the end of September 2011, even as the U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to be heavily supported by contractors.

But wait there is more – We have been funneling millions to the Taliban:

The Associated Press reported earlier this month that U.S. military authorities in Kabul believe $360 million in U.S. tax dollars has ended up in the hands of people the American-led coalition has spent nearly a decade battling: the Taliban, criminals and power brokers with ties to both. The military said only a small percentage of the $360 million has been garnered by the Taliban and insurgent groups. Most of the money was lost to profiteering, bribery and extortion by criminals and power brokers.

I was going to ask Paul Ryan (R- War Contractors) who likes to bill himself as America’s accountant, what he felt about this incredible waste and fraud, but I did not have $15 on me.

We at BloggingBlue have been given exclusive footage of the of the \"Young Guns\" in action. In this clip, Steve martin plays the part of Government war contractors fraud and abuse, while Chevy Chase plays the part of fiscal conservative Eric “no natural disaster relief” Cantor and Martin Short plays the part of Paul “I will arrest any constituent who shows up at my office” Ryan.

Much More on Paul Ryan here!


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  1. Which is, btw, more than 3 times the annual budget for NASA. Which is why we definitely need to get rid of NASA.

    Okay, forget NASA. Your $60 billion can fund the socialist National Weather Service for 12 years. But hey, why would we want to warn the public about things that might KILL them, that’s what we have the private sector for. What’s that, you say? The private sector gets ALL of their weather data from the government?


    Never mind.

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