Bachmann, Backed by Palin, Launches War Against Women and Children

Oh, I have no problems with people attacking the Hair Candidate, but Michele Bachmann decided to attack Rick Perry during the Republican debate last night on the one issue where Perry took the right course, to require the HPV vaccine for schoolchildren.  The vaccine prevents cancer.  ‘Nuff said.  But Bachmann attacked Rick Perry over it, hoping that the Tea Party would see Perry as a Governor Gone Wild with Power.  And Palin backed up Bachmann today

Here’s a bit from the head of the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership:

“Congresswoman Bachmann’s decision to spread fear of vaccines is dangerous and irresponsible,” said Evan Siegfried, a spokesman for the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership. “There is zero credible scientific evidence that vaccines cause mental retardation or autism. She should cease trying to foment fear in order to advance her political agenda.”

Let’s make sure to call this what it is. . . Bachmann is playing to the irrational fears of parents in opposition to every scrap of science on the issue.  The end result will be fewer and fewer children immunized, and more and more women and children dying.  Yes, you can die of measles, as has happened in Great Britain as the hysteria over vaccines rose

Unfortunately, the debunked link between vaccines and conditions on the autism spectrum has been thoroughly debunked, with the original “scientist’s study shown to be fabricated so that he could cash in on it.  Now Michele Bachmann is using the fears of parents in order to cash in politically, and that stinks.  Every parent in the world should be cursing her name. 

It’s not just about screaming about death panels on one hand, then screaming for sick people to die on the other.  Now the GOP race has turned to endangering the lives of women and children.  “Shame” is not an adequate word to describe this, not at all. 



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6 thoughts on “Bachmann, Backed by Palin, Launches War Against Women and Children

  1. Bachmann was on the Today show this morning saying that a mom in the audience thanked her because the mom’s daughter got the HPV vaccine and now her daughter is “retarded.” Can you flipping believe?

  2. This is junk science at its worst.

    I get that “Tea Party” folks like Michele Bachmann hate government mandates, but it’s thanks to government mandates on vaccinations that we’ve been able to virtually eliminate diseases like smallpox and polio, while greatly reducing the impact of other diseases like measles and mumps.

  3. Those are great resources, Rich. Thanks much. I’m sure the authors will be hung once President Bachmann comes to office.

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