Blogging Blue 4.1 – now using!

By my estimation, the website you’re looking at right now is the fourth version of Blogging Blue. As we’ve progressed from version 1.0 to 4.0, we’ve upgraded not only the look of the blog but the functionality of the blog, and today we’re taking another step towards making your experience here a little more interesting.

I’ve just finished implementing the plugin, a cool new feature which allows you all to rate and share your opinions on the newsworthy people that we here at Blogging Blue write about each day. As you read our posts, you’ll see that names like Scott Walker or Barack Obama are hyperlinked, and if you scroll over the link you’ll have the ability to rate those individuals and see how other readers here at Blogging Blue have rated those same individuals.

I hope you all will take a little extra time to play around with and let me know what you think, because your feedback is important to me, not to mention the folks at

Have fun!


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  1. Ahhh hi! So neat, SendLove is my friend’s site and I helped a teeny tiny bit! SendLove is awesome and I’m glad you got it! You are awesome and Chris Lyman is too! Yae! xoxo

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