Blogging Blue’s “Wisconsin’s lazy legislature” contest

VacationDespite the fact that they’ve failed in their efforts to create jobs in Wisconsin, Republicans in the state legislature have taken a nearly month-long vacation, with only one day of actual work on their calendars for the month of September. As Jeff noted earlier today, for all the talking points among conservatives about how rank and file public employees are overcompensated and underworked, the laziest public employees in the State of Wisconsin seem to be the Republican members of the legislature, who’ve seen fit to do the jobs they were elected to do just one day for the entire month of September.

Now here’s where this story gets fun. Seeing as how Republicans in Wisconsin’s legislature can’t be bothered to work more than one day for the entire month of September, I think it would be great fun to come up with some ideas on how those Republicans spent their month-long vacations. Pick a Republican politician and share your thoughts on how they spent their vacation, and the best suggestions (as determined me) will win a fantastic (at least I think so) prize from the soon-to-be-famous Blogging Blue Prize Closet & Gag Gift Repository™.


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1 thought on “Blogging Blue’s “Wisconsin’s lazy legislature” contest

  1. Can’t we just be happy that while the Republican State Legislature is on vacation lawmakers are not passing any more unfortunate legislation? It’s restful, like a vacation from Wisconsin values being turned upside down.

    OK, the contest may be fun for all you creative types. To me it sounds like work. Ah,VACATION.

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