By Special Request

Fred at censored debate made a special request of us today.

By the way where is your report about Jimmy Hoffa Jr and his civility on Labor Day?

We try and be accommodating here so here it is. H/T Politicsusa who covered this in depth.

Oh, that’s right, y’all don’t do that. Well, here’s what Teamsters President James Hoffa said yesterday for reals and then we’ll get to the part Fox edited out for fairness and balance, right before the entire Right Wing had a collective orgasm thinking they could finally blame the Democrats for some hard core use of “competitive free speech” (read: “second amendment remedies, hunt the President like a dog, be armed and dangerous, don’t retreat reload, etc). He did NOT call for violence against anyone.

Hoffa said, “Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong! Thank you very much!”

Poor Ed Henry of Fox News actually reported it accurately and then after it blew up in his face, tried rather desperately to set the record straight via Twitter. But this is Fox News, so you know how this ends. Ed’s problem is that he first reported it thusly:

(Referring to what Hoffa said) “We’ll remember in November who’s with the working people” and “said of the Tea Party and of Republicans, ‘let’s take these sons of bitches out.’”

And that is, of course, how Fox and the Right ran with it.

But in a second segment that ran at roughly the same time as Henry’s tweet, Fox News dishonestly edited the speech in the manner seen above. Andrew Breitbart’s Big sites, Real Clear Politics, The Daily Caller, the Media Research Center, and the Drudge Report have all highlighted that footage, using it to condemn “the violence emanating from union thug bosses” and demand that Obama “denounce” the comments.

The right wing fake outrage was funny enough for the Daily Show to cover it:

Fred let us know what other stories you would like us to cover/clarify.


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