Despite tough talk on American Jobs Act, is President Obama willing to cave?

President Barack Obama has been traveling the country this week to make his case to the American people, urging support for his $447 billion American Jobs Act. During his public appearances President Obama has been using some tough rhetoric in calling for Republicans to support the American Jobs Act, but despite that rhetoric it appears President Obama may already be paving the way for passage of parts of his grand jobs plan – not necessarily the whole thing:

“Obviously if they pass parts of it I’m not going to veto those parts,” Mr. Obama said Monday in a roundtable interview with Hispanic journalists. “I will sign it but I will say then ‘give me the rest’, and I will keep on making that argument as long as the need is there to put people back to work.”

In other words, President Obama is willing to sign whatever Congressional Republicans will allow to pass the House and the Senate (think tax cuts), while then very sternly asking them to send him everything else (stimulus funds, etc.).

Another Obama cave-in? Say it ain’t so!


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