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United Wisconsin, a collection of grassroots groups, needs your input on when, not if, we should Recall Walker. I voted for the later start date for strategic reasons, although I can see a case for pulling the papers in November. Regardless of the date, we will get the 540,000 signatures and we will have a good chance of winning an election.

Take the Survey here!

This was in my email in box this morning. I took the survey with the answer early spring for the recalls but i see the advantage of going either way. It is not scientific but for a minutes worth of your time you can let your opinion be heard.


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2 thoughts on “From my email in box – Survey

  1. We are not in Wisconsin, but are active in the various Ohio efforts against the Republican Kasich regime. The survey is a great process and I would like to read each page but don’t feel I should mark a vote to change the page. Would someone outline the full content of the survey for us out of staters?

  2. palli, While it is not my survey to give, I think i am safe to say…go ahead and take the quiz. It is very generic and only covers about 8 slides or so. It just gives a feeling of where the people of Wi are.

    If you want click recall in Nov, I clicked the opposite but am pretty much torn down the middle! đŸ™‚

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