Gay soldier booed at Republican presidential debate

Because nothing says class and patriotism like booing an American soldier serving in harm’s way simply because he’s gay:

I’d never boo an American soldier serving in harm’s way, but then again, my definition of patriotism is clearly a lot different than that of many conservatives.


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13 thoughts on “Gay soldier booed at Republican presidential debate

  1. “any type of sexual activity has no place in the military”? So those heterosexuals better keep the pants on too?

    “sex should not be an issue”…why then do the Republicans keep making it an issue?

    and after President Obama was chastised for not ‘reigning in’ Jimmy Hoffa Jr, no one has called Mr. Santorum to task for not calling out the crowd for the boos…

    and this wasn’t taken out of context.

  2. I concur with Ed’s comment. Republicans are making this an issue! Homosexuality like Heterosexuality does not revolve solely around sexual activity. The nation’s soldiers are serving our country in a brave form of patriotism. One’s ability to protect our nation in the military is not related to their sexual orientation.
    Discrimination is inexcusable and yet among the many reasons Republicans should be ashamed of themselves!

  3. As mentioned in another post, the silence from Republicans on the disgusting actions of their backers is deafening. If Obama is to blame for not speaking out against an innocuous remark by James Hoffa Jr., then where does that leave WisGOPs who say nothing about constituents throwing pacifiers at teachers and talk show hosts denigrating public service?

    People are seeing the true face of who supports the GOP- Koch whores and hate mongerers – and they don’t like it. They’re cruising for a 2012 bruising with their condoning of their disgraceful supporters.

  4. Can anyone prove that the booing was because he was gay as suggested here or was the booing due to the questiin?

    1. Can you prove, Money Talks, that the crowd was ignoring the question but was instead booing a courageous soldier, with the gay issue being entirely moot?

      1. And be careful, jumping to conclusions can cause you to twist an ankle. It wasn’t the WHOLE crowd, just a couple of idiots, and that’s from people who were there:

        I certainly will call the idiots out, but this post makes it sound as if the entire arena arupted in boos, which it DID NOT.

        But of course you can use this to paint “all” republicans with the same broad stroke. I guess I can paint all liberals as being the same as Jeremy Ryan, correct?

        1. Mark…we know it wasn’t the whole crowd…the video leads this post…it’s plain to see and hear.

          But it is unlikely the audience was a cross section of America…obviously Republicans sufficiently connected and/or interested to get a pass to attend…people who should either have better manners or were expected to react in ‘positive support’ for the candidates.

          I wouldn’t get too into the broad brush analogy…both sides have been guilty of that…so I’d just let that go.

        2. I’m not going to paint all Tepublicans, but I will paint every one of those candidates who couldn’t find it in themselves to stand up for decency. Lamar Alexander has recently resigned his leadership post because of incivility in the GOP. I suppose that makes him a RINO to some, but I’d say it makes him a righteous man. There seem to be no other righteous men among the GOP, at least by the evidence of how many Republicans stepped forward to confront this ugliness.

  5. Mark check every right wing blog in this state. The right wing talking point is that Jeremy Ryan IS the face of the Madison protests.

    The thing here, as Jake points out is the deafening silence of anyone on stage standing up for the soldier and condemning them.

  6. The same right-wingers that shout “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!” are the same people who would spit on a homeless man , who is also a veteran, and tell him to get a job.
    They don’t give a rat’s ass about the troops. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anything except their goddamned guns, their warped sense of what they think God wants, and their own selfish hides.

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