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  1. 317 here, but there are some that used the word “never” that I had to totally disagree with becaue of that, though I might have agreed with “sometimes.”

  2. apparently i am extremely progressive. i received a 344. took quiz while watching capitalism: a love story. michael moore is so good at what he does. i want fdr’s dream for this country. capitalism is evil

  3. 318. I would have scored much higher save for the fact that I consider myself a small government progressive. I’m sure that would make absolutely NO sense to the righties, but I want absolutely no larger government than what is absolutely necessary. It just so happens that I see much more necessary than they do. I also consider myself very free market, capitalist friendly. I just realize there are downsides to such freewheeling and it is the role of government to put in place reasonable constraints to make it more fair.

  4. 330/400. And I STILL think I’m not really a liberal, I’m a moderate (progressive) conservative. In a crazily reactionary right-wing world.

  5. Scored 320. Some of the questions like the the one on small government/Big Government seems counterintuitive to apply in a quiz. Who really wants Big Government? I mean, we should be striving for Good Government whatever size results to achieve that end should be irrelevant. If I had to guess, I thought I was a little more to progressive lite. But I’m happy with the score.

  6. 359/400

    Although I wasn’t as strong on some things. Like I don’t think it’s right to lump sex and violence into one category.

  7. I’m more of a centrist than all of you. I only scored 304. I think capitalism is amoral, not evil. I think regulation is necessary not only for the good of society but also for the good of corporations. I think a basic social safety net (including financial assistance) should exist, but it should not be too comfortable for those who could work but choose not to. My opinions have been influenced by the fact that I have relatives who have abused every sort of government assistance available, just as corporations have abused tax breaks that were meant to create jobs. While altruism is part of human nature, so are greed and gluttony, and our policies need to take that into account. Our economic policies need to reward work, not wealth, to lift us out of our current difficulties.

    1. I don’t know if this is surprising or not, but I find your post hits really close to where I place myself. There’s really not a thing I disagree with.

  8. 202, which makes me progressive. πŸ™‚

    Sort of reminds me of some of the similar ones like the libertarian one which categorizes almost every answer as a libertarian one.

    I’ll agree with Steven – these things are always tough for me when they use never, always, should, must, etc.

    I’d be really curious as to how some of the responses are scored.

    A few of the more problematic ones:

    “Immigrants today are a burden on our country because they take away our jobs and abuse government benefits.”

    Immigrants? Or illegal immigrants? Because there’s a huge difference. I took it at face value – as immigrants. Absolutely, no way, no how would I agree at all with the statement. But I’d answer very differently if we’re talking about illegal immigrants.

    Regligous faith should focus more on promoting tolerance, social justice and peace in society and less on opposing abortion or gay rights.

    How is this scored? Is it progressive to agree with this? Or more progressive to think I/we/government have no place in telling religious people what their faith should be?

    1. Locke, just for the record, the one about religion says NOTHING about the government controlling religion. Absolutely nothing. It is about what a person thinks religion should be. And it says nothing about any particular faith, either.

      Are you saying it is wrong to have an opinion?

      1. Oh not at all. I’m not quite sure how you get to that conclusion.

        What is the meaning of should in that question? There’s a presumption of proper/appropriate. Should implies that something be compelled or imposed. I didn’t focus solely on government either – though it seems like that’s the only thing you took it, I said, “I/we/government.” Again – nothing wrong with an opinion. An opinion is your own religious views. But an pushing an opinion on “religious faith” beyond your own is something else.

        And again, I’m curious as to how this is scored. Which side gets you more progressive points – agree or disagree?

    2. 202, which makes me progressive.

      That’s amusing, in a schadenfreudy kinda way. See, Locke, that’s why we’re so nice to you around these parts – on the off chance you take an unscientific test confirming you’re a fellow radical socialist! πŸ˜‰

      ps – 333 for me, which is sending my superstition alarms blaring.

  9. 343, but I think a lot of this depends on if you go with “10”s over “7”s. It’s probably 50-60 points higher than I would have scored 10 years ago.

  10. Just out of curiosity, I took the test again and filled out “5” for each question. Score — 200. The I took it yet again, and for the first 20 questions answered the max conservative response, and the max liberal for the last 20. Score, 190. (Apparently I too misjudged one of criteria of being progressive, or else I just made a mistake; I was watching TV at the same time.) But nevertheless, since these two very different answering strategies produce the same result, it should be obvious that these things should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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