Pot Meet Kettle

The Wisconsin State Journal had this story about some protestors wearing their welcome thin. This story was meant to take a serious look at the protestors actions at the Capitol, after the latest BeerGate Scandal. The barley and hops shampoo of Robin Vos has left all of the republicans suffering from (no not a 12% forced paycut) but PTSD.

This article has turned out to be one of the funnier ones to have been written in quite some time as there are three rib cracking money quotes:

1. But until the beer incident, Kristan never actually invaded the Republican leader’s personal space.

“It was only a matter of time,” said Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau. “To many of us, this is an expected escalation.”

Ummm Wasn\'t it Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald who had to have the police called on him for threatening a woman? Why yes it was!

2. The conservative MacIver Institute, which employs reporters(editors note: when did they start with reporters?) to cover news at the Capitol and posts stories and videos online, has had several run-ins with the constant protesters.

“The truth is these guys have been useful idiots for the left for a long time, and now they’re not,” said Brian Fraley, MacIver spokesman.

MacGyver Reporters/Brian Fraley/ useful idiots??? Hello Pot Meet Kettle!

3. “My biggest concern is the prosecutors have not acted swiftly enough and now things are getting worse,” said state Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc. “Do we have to wait until things turn physical?”

Hey Joe, in case you were busy fishing, things have turned violent, again and again! All of that right wing hatred and violence and it is amazing that Walker did not actually plant “troublemakers” in the protest like he so badly wanted too!

Yes I am also worried about the lingering threat of violence at the Capitol while the republicans remain isolated and unhinged!!! So everyone who goes to the Capitol, be on a watchful eye for a republican to snap!!!


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9 thoughts on “Pot Meet Kettle

  1. There are those people, as likable as some may be, who will ramble on ad nauseum, failing to catch the social cues (verbal and non), that it’s time to move on to more productive things, and that the more they ramble the less people pay attention to them.

    There are jokesters, as funny as some may be, who don’t pick up on the cues (verbal and non) that their jokes are getting old and starting to cross the line, and the more they push on the greater the chance someone’s going to punch them for crossing the line. Which will not be funny.

    There are protesters, as heart-in-the-right-place as some may be, who do not pick up the cues that it’s time to move the fight to other more productive battlefields, and the more they escalate the more they actually hurt the original cause.

    All of these types of people annoy me because they are stupid.

  2. I hope this did not come across as a defense of what jeremy and Miles, et all have been doing lately. What I forgot to add, was that I would rather Jeremy pour beer on everyone’s head than keep comparing himself to Martin Luther King.

    This was meant as a did they really say that with a straight face!

    1. Oh yeah, agreed with your assessments.

      Just that reading the article you linked to brought out additional thoughts from my end since it mentioned the J word. Probably a little harsh, but oh well.

  3. There are those also those people who act as if their opinion matters, and while they may have a heart, it is rarely in the right place. These are the people who listen to a reproductive biologist and a stork-birth proponent and believe the truth lies somewhere in between. All of these people are annoying but I ignore them except to comment on a blog. Are they stupid as JCG claims? Hmmmm…….

  4. If the McIver “reporters” are really reporters, wouldn’t they have to adhere to some notion of journalistic ethics? I would call them partisan PR writers, or somesuch.

  5. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the comparisons of Jeremy Ryan and Miles Kristan to Martin Luther King Jr.

    Who among us will ever forget MLK riding his segway up to Bull Connor to throw a whipped cream pie in his face? I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

    Carry on you segway riders, you beer dumpers for justice. Our future is in your hands.

  6. The two clowns on Madison is a very good representation of the current progressive in this state. Sadly this is the environment that they have generated one of intolerance and confrontations. The actions by a small portion of the population since February have grown increasingly volatile and dangerous. until true democrats stand up and tell progressives enough it will only escalate to more dangerous levels.

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