Republican Thugs Part 10 – Anonymous Letters Edition

Some semi public democrats(not elected officials) are starting to receive some anonymous threatening letters sent by cowardly thugs from the right wing hate machine.

Thank God for Gov. Scott Walker

The majority taxpayers of Wisconsin have voted and we are done with supporting useless saeks of shit union-member public employees. Gov. Walker is making union members squeal like little pigs headed towards the slaughter.

The state of Wisconsin has become the shame of the Nation. Greedy union garbage has stolen from the majority taxpayers too long. Union members defiled the Capitol in Madison. Maybe it is time for the same treatment for union-member homes?

Halloween is coming up real soon. Public employees that belong to unions have ruined this state and need to be replaced. Far better workers are in the private employer world and they get far better jobs done.

The state has voted – you are a waste of our tax money and Gov. Walker has cast our decision – no more free ride for you! Time for you to feel the same financial burden we have had to endure. We The People of Wisconsin hope you’re ready for a much more expensive life from now on.

Obviously the letter writer is upset because he was one of the children left behind, but wait there is more:

This was received by another liberal, NON elected official:

I got two letters, both anonymous, and both making thinly veiled physical threats. one was very brief “so now that we know where you live, it’s going to get interesting.

Democurmudgeon has more.

Jeff Simpson Statement:
Senior Fellow Blogging Blue

“While I have long been a proponent of free speech, it’s a shame when the expression turns into criminal behavior. Liberals and those who disagree with the Walker Administration are regularly harassed by certain legislators, Walker administration supporters and anonymous cowards, and this is an unfortunate reminder of what bloggers and other democracy activists have to put up with every day in Wisconsin. Hopefully, the republican legislators, Walker administration and supporters of the Governor will realize this only hurts their cause with the public and will speak to condemn such recreant deeds.”


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11 thoughts on “Republican Thugs Part 10 – Anonymous Letters Edition

  1. I expect you are but take this seriously and retain the “messages”. Network broadly so everyone who might receive one keeps them. Notify the police and keep a record. Monitor the language for escalation.

  2. Agree. Make the life of anyone who sends such jealous garbage a living hell, with frequent visits from the cops.

    For you whining Initechers ripping on people like me, bring it, kiddos. In the great words of W. Axl Rose, we know you could never cut it in our game. But we could do yours tomorrow.

    1. To be honest, for all the talk about how replaceable public employees, how many of the same folks who complain about public employees would really be willing to lock themselves into a housing unit with 70 convicted felons in a maximum security state prison?

      How many would be willing to supervise sex offenders and domestic violence offenders who are on probation and parole, which means doing visits at the offenders’ houses without guns, bulletproof vests, or radios?

      The same folks who complain about public employees by and large aren’t willing to do the jobs we do.

  3. People have gotten shit like this on their cars on the West side of Madison, too [few weeks ago, now]. If the right wing is doing this in Milwaukee and Madison, afraid to hear what’s up in the red counties.

  4. i hate this foul,copycat,perverted, greedy society. I hate being old too and cannot find a Dr that will help me out with anxiety,etc,so i plan suicide. All these dr,are greedy republicians pillpushers that wantto load you up with expensive drugs that do more harm just to fill their wallets. i know some lowlifes that come to ma. and get free healthcare,all kinds of feel good pills and some sell them. i a decent wife mom and grandmom cannot get help unless i take a drug for anxiety that will harm me,a antidepressant because they make more money for drugco. and dr that puss these dangerous drugs on the over 70. I fuc-ing know what is going on. let these pil pushers do us old ones that whant to die a pill to leave this cesspool

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