Tea Party Republican Rep. Joe Walsh is a huge dirtbag

To say freshman “Tea Party” Rep. Joe Walsh, a Republican from Illinois, is a dirtbag would be a severe understatement.

According to a report from the Huffington Post, Rep. Walsh, who currently owes over $100,000 in delinquent child support, is asking that the very same courts in which his ex-wife sued him for being a deadbeat sanction her for not turning over documents she’s not required to turn over.

Walsh has been neglecting to take financial responsibility for his child for nine years now. Laura Walsh decided to sue the Congressman after he took out a $35,000 loan for his 2010 campaign. She claims rightfully that if he had enough to do that, he should have been paying the child support he owes. As a Congressman, Walsh makes $174,000 a year plus health benefits which puts him in the top five percent of salaried American workers.

So Joe Walsh decided to pay up right? Wrong. Instead of owning up like a real man and taking responsibility for his kid, Walsh has decided to harass the mother of his child. In an effort to slow the case down, and avoid taking responsibility, lawyers for the Illinois Republican asked his ex-wife to provide extensive documentation, including records of her employment, salary, bank statements, tax returns and expense reports. After she failed to provide the documents, Walsh sought to have her sanctioned by the court.

Laura Walsh is under no obligation to produce such records. The issue here is her ex-husband’s failure to pay child support for nine years. He can clearly afford it now, so why doesn’t he just pay up? Apparently the Congressman likes being a deadbeat dad. Clearly, the Tea Party and the Republican Party need to reexamine their “family values” stance, because it’s quite obvious that they can’t practice what they preach. Real men take responsibility. Real men take care of their families at any cost. And Joe Walsh has lost the right to call himself a man. From now on, when the Republican Party or the Tea Party try to preach “family values”, tell them to preach to Joe Walsh first.

Rep. Joe Walsh is not only a dirtbag; he’s a disgrace to good men everywhere.

Hopefully the voters in Joe Walsh’s district will do the right thing and send that deadbeat dad packing in 2012.


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