There are no job creating super rich!

We can’t tax the top 2% or even the top 1% in our nation because they are job creators. BALONEY! They were job creators when they were on the bottom building the businesses that brought them to the top tier…BUT THEY AREN’T now.

Warren Buffett creates jobs? He buys and sells companies and makes money leveraging his wealth…didn’t he just ‘invest’ billions in Bank of America and now they are laying off thousands? Tax him!

Steve Jobs creates jobs? When he started Apple and grew it into a top ranked technology company. But not now. Apple is a corporate giant and Steve is rich. Tax him!

Bill Gates creates jobs? When he started and grew Microsoft…all day! But now MS is a bloated tech company and Bill is a rich dude. He is also a philanthropist, bless is soul, but tax him!

Koch Brothers? George Soros? Peter Thiel? Meg Whitman? any of the investment bankers, wall street minions, or CEOs who get millions in compensation every year? Few of them are job creators at this point in their careers either. Tax them!

As we all know and the mantra tells us…the jobs are created in the small and medium businesses. When you tax the rich you won’t be touching the guys who are busy actually being JOB CREATORS. If you want to give tax breaks…these are the guys you have to find and nurture. Not Immelt, Thiel, Jobs, Buffett, etc…they made theirs…now tax them!


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