This is why the Root River Siren is one of my favorite WI bloggers

This is why you should be reading the Root River Siren…

The Journal Sentinel is reporting today that after reviewing the video of entrances to Messmer Preparatory Catholic School, which was the sight of a large protest of Scott Walker’s visit yesterday, that one lone person came to the school around 11:30 the night before and glued the lock mechanisms at the entrances.

Police say it is impossible to identify that person from the poor quality of the video.

To say this lone person is an asshole, is an insult to assholes. But to this particular asshole the Siren says:

If you did it because you thought it would help the cause of protesters legitimately voicing their displeasure and rejection of the Governor in a display of free and passionate speech – you are an idiot and we do know or approve of you. You do not stand with us.

If you did it to discredit and sully the protesters that would congregate a few hours later, you are everything we despise in this ugly fight in our beautiful state.

Either way, you are a criminal. The Siren hopes you are caught and arrested so that we might have the chance to tell you to your face.

For the record, RRS sums up exactly how I feel about folks (whether from the left or the right) who engage in these types of behaviors, either as a means of “protest” or as a means of discrediting the other side. Let’s just have an honest, open discussion/dialogue/debate without shenanigans.


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  1. Really? She is extremely rude and makes up half of what she writes. Just because she is a liberal does not mean we should support her. I equate her more with the segway guy then with legitimate bloggers like you or Folkbum.

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