Topic of the Week: President Obama’s jobs plan

On Thursday President Barack Obama unveiled his $447 billion jobs plan to a joint session of Congress, and during his address President Obama challenged Congress to pass his plan as soon as possible.

What do you think of President Obama’s jobs plan? Does go far enough, or does it actually go too far?

Does it even have a chance of passing Congress?



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5 thoughts on “Topic of the Week: President Obama’s jobs plan

  1. I think everybody recognizes that a payroll tax “holiday” will be a holiday that never ends, lest we massively “raise” taxes on the lower and middle class in the future to get it back. Then, SS’s death becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So that part of it I’m not a fan of. Otherwise, pleasantly surprised at the boldness of the proposal and the effectiveness economists say it would have.

    That said, Republican politicians and class warriors hate America’s assorted riffraff with a passion, because they would rather see the President lose in 2012 than see people put back to work with this plan, so it’s a moot point.

  2. It is my hope that everyone will at least LOOK at it and give it a chance. I don’t think our Republican colleagues can sit on their hands and say “no” this time. Too many people need help.

  3. Please do not forget the 99er’s. They are left out of this plan. Many have lost their homes, all their possessions and any retirement money they had. These pension plans were cashed in as they were trying desperately to hang on and a hefty penalty was paid to the government to get this money. I know people who have moved in with very aged family members, some are living in hotels, and shelters, some with children. Some are even living in tent cities popping up all across the US. Remember these were productive citizens with jobs, homes, and kids in college. Many of these people have degrees from BS to PhD and everything in between. These are also people who were taking care of elderly parents, but no longer can. We need to remember that many of our unemployed are not counted in any numbers. The real unemployment and underemployment stands at over 30 million US citizens! Read this article:

  4. I’m of the belief that this package is months too late, and it’ll never pass Congress, despite there being a lot in the package that Republicans should support.

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