Ummm what is he talking about?

Today Republican master messenger and Scott Walker\'s adviser, Frank Luntz was on Faux News today. The person who the republicans rely on to set the message, left everyone saying HUH?

“I don’t think this date is a positive,” Luntz said. “Yes, it allows us to look back and say ‘We haven’t been hit.’ Yes, it allows us to appreciate George Bush and Dick Cheney for keeping us safe.

I always wonder how republicans can take their message to the people and say such things with a straight face.


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5 thoughts on “Ummm what is he talking about?

  1. That was reasonable, unless you were on planet moonbat,listening to Krugman and Moore. Two of the most despicable examples of liberalism

    1. Dude, seriously?

      Say what you want about Moore (and I’m no big fan), but he makes no secret of his views.

      But have you even bothered to read Krugman? He’s been one of President Obama’s biggest critics on economic policy.

  2. I’m sorry Ray, from the party of “personal responsibility” who should take the blame when the worst terror attack in the history of our nation occurs? Michael Moore?

  3. Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S.
    George Bush determined to take out the man who dissed his daddy. Weapons of mass deception ably deployed by meisterspinner Luntz.

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