While Tea Party Gets Away with It… the Elderly Get Arrested… Ryan Jokes

To follow up on the post about what contempt looks like here we have Paul Ryan joking at his recent town hall after a 71 year old constituent calls him out on his destructive perspectives on Medicare and Social Security only to be arrested by local police. Somehow all the Tea Party vitriol of the summer never seemed to generate this police state approach, but yet here one interruption lets Ryan put the cuffs on this 71 year old man.


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3 thoughts on “While Tea Party Gets Away with It… the Elderly Get Arrested… Ryan Jokes

  1. I posted this last week ­čś«

    Having written that, it’s certainly worth seeing again, because Paul Ryan’s behavior is absolutely shameful.

    1. The differences between what happened during the Tea Party’s summer of intense protest to “Obama Care” and the much more civilized protests to Ryan and his plan to kill Medicare and Medicaid include: 1) the focus and intensity of the protests were greater on the part of the Tea Party; and 2) the nature and response of the people who were the subjects of the protest.

      Let’s compare Feingold and Ryan. Inspite of the conservative bloggers complaining that Feingold did not listen, he never became inaccessible. To my knowledge he didn’t use police to silence and remove protesters. In my opinion, this indicates a belief in democracy vs. a reliance on a more authoritarian approach to order. One shows faith in the people, the other shows distrust and fear.

    2. Hi,
      I thought you might have posted it, so checked the recent postings. I must have missed it last week. Sorry for the duplicate.

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