Why won’t Republican lawmakers do their jobs?

From my email inbox comes the latest “Barca Bulletin,” which discusses the failure of Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his rubber-stamp Republican-controlled legislature to create jobs in Wisconsin. As I write this, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is a half a percent higher than it was when Gov. Walker took office, and despite their failure to create jobs in Wisconsin, Republican in the legislature worked only one day in September, because apparently two consecutive months of job losses in Wisconsin isn’t a serious enough problem to warrant Republican lawmakers doing their jobs.

Here’s a snippet from the Barca Bulletin:

Last fall Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans got elected on the promise of creating 250,000 jobs for Wisconsin workers and families.

Nine months after taking office, the top issue that Wisconsinites still want their elected leaders to focus on is putting the people of our great state back to work and rebuilding economic security for middle-class families.

Unfortunately, Gov. Walker and his Republican rubberstamps in the legislature have done little to create jobs. Instead of focusing on job creation, Republicans have spent the last eight months advancing an extreme, polarizing agenda that attacked Wisconsin workers. That may have much to do with unemployment in Wisconsin climbing from 7.4% when Walker took office in January to 7.9% in August.

Many Wisconsinites have been without work for many months, but rather than work overtime to get Wisconsin working, Republicans decided to only show up for one unfocused day of session work in September.

Struggling Wisconsin families simply can’t afford legislators that are only wiling to work part-time to get our state working again. That’s why I introduced a motion to call the Republicans back into session to focus on passing legislation that creates jobs now. Unfortunately, the Republicans rejected it and are refusing to come back into session.

Shame on Republican lawmakers for taking a nearly month-long vacation while Wisconsinites wait for them to fulfill their promises to create jobs.


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3 thoughts on “Why won’t Republican lawmakers do their jobs?

  1. It’s going to take awhile to clean up Doyles mess.What did the liberals do when in control of everything. Lose thousands of jobs and shut down A auto plant in Janesville Put 70 percent of union construction workers out of work I guess that’s A good record on planet moonbat

    1. I blame Rep. Paul Ryan for the shutdown of the Janesville GM plant. After all, he was the elected Congressman for that district when the plant shut down, and he clearly failed to do enough to keep the plant open.

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