14 thoughts on “A Can of Sexism!

  1. Why is this more important than the live exhibition of agism we exhibited last Monday night?

    1. Well, one is a local alderman candidate talking to a room of 20 people, the other is a nationally televised advertising campaign viewed by millions. I guess it’s a question of scale really… 🙂

  2. yes but…one is for a product that we are all familiar with and most could care less about…and its a marketing gimmick we have all experienced a hundred times…and the other is an individual who wants to represent a good number of us in local govt…and I wasn’t really pissed when I made my first comment…but when he doubled down on it instead of taking the hint…I did in fact get pissed.

    1. Deep breath, Ed… Breathe in, hold it… let it out. Ok, yes I agree with you that the dude (don’t remember his name) was not right to double-down. It wil not play well in a district with older people who he needs to convince. So from a political perspective, he clearly needs some coaching on his message. I agree.

      But… I think you took it a teeny bit too personally. I don’t think his intention was to insult older folks (and I say that as a somewhat older folk myself) but to convey the message that the young folks need a voice too. Not a voice to drown out the older member of the community, but one equally deserving to be heard.

      My $.02. YMMV. Void where prohibited. Some conditions apply.

    1. Yes, because marketing a product for women that only women need to women is exactly the same thing as using sexism to sell low-calorie bubbly water in a can. Good one, Wiggie. Well played.

      Are all conservatives this dense?

  3. “…but to convey the message that the young folks need a voice too.”

    I couldn’t agree more…and openly agreed with him that evening…but agism is a two ended graph…if he is thinking young people don’t have a voice…he shouldn’t be talking about us over sixties not having one!

    and I don’t think a marketing gimmick is a political issue…social maybe…but vote with your dollars on that one.

    1. and I don’t think a marketing gimmick is a political issue…social maybe

      Ah, but you repeat yourself, Ed. Everything in life has political ramifications. The pamphlets marketing slaves in the colonies certainly was a political issue. Not to get so obviously hyperbolic. Just showing an obvious example of marketing gimmick as political issue.

      1. Of course I am repeating myself…I am old, senile and out of touch.

        And I bet you yucked it up over the old jocks selling Miller Lite back in the day!

        I just don’t see this as that much of an issue compared to OWS, Recall Gov Walker, JOBS!

    1. That’s a seriously hilarious clip! And some truth to what you say, too, Steve.

      Though, show me a woman that has the physical capability to literally “harden up”, and I’ll show you, well, a man. Which is kinda the figurative root point, no?

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