A Question for the BloggingBlue Community

Should I keep posting stuff on economics here? I don’t get much comment traction on my econ posts so if people aren’t interested, I can move them back to my personal blog, The Masses.  Please comment below and let me know.  I try to keep the econ posts here short and to the point but if people aren’t getting value from them, it’s no problem to move them.  Thanks!


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18 thoughts on “A Question for the BloggingBlue Community

  1. Do keep posting on economics topics. They are informative and definitely broaden the depth of the blog as a whole.

  2. Please, please do keep posting them. They’ve pretty much shut up the old trove of “reasonable” conservative self-styled “economists” we used to have commenting here, and it got tiring pointing out to them how wrong they were, having to dig up the same facts and data time after time.

    1. I don’t agree. Just keep posting the kinds of things that you’ve been posting.

      Don’t worry about Steve. If he would just stop spending so much time hanging out by his mailbox waiting for his invitation to the “Jeb Bush For President” campaign kick-off event/press conference/announcement, and spend a little more time reading your posts, he wouldn’t need a “Reader’s Digest” version of them.

      Right, Steve? (*wink*)

      Anyway, Phil, your posts are great. Keep ’em coming.

    1. You mean as in, “That’s STOOPID, yo”?

      Come on, Steve. You’re anything but.

      Check out what JCG said up above about the effect that Phil’s contributions have had on the the conservatives that used to come around and lecture the unwashed progressive masses regarding economics.


      There’s a NEW Sheriff in town, and the varmints done cleared out.

      Straight-shootin’ street-brawler that ya are, you should be able to appreciate that, brother.

      1. I do appreciate it, Zuma.

        I meant it when I said I was stupid and need to be entertained. Really. I’m an American, after all.

        I just want Phil to try to do for economics what Carl Sagan did for science.

        1. OMG, no pressure…. Carl Sagan???? Holy crap… Who do you think I am? Paul Krugman?????


  3. Yes, please keep posting about economics, Phil. I’m just learning about some of this stuff. It’s very helpful to be able to read and discuss with others who think clearly and understand how these issues affect us ordinary humans. Thank you!

  4. Keep posting about economics. I read them whenever I get the chance, I just often don’t have anything to say about it.

    It’s actually refreshing to read about economics too, it reminds me of those wingnut conservatives who were in Marketing with me and ended up with their jaws dropping when everything they knew was wrong. Some eventually became actual conservatives, others just dropped out and claimed it was liberal teaching. Not sure where those ones are now.

  5. Keep posting the economic stuff along with your other fare. Just because you’re not getting a lot of comment traction does not mean we’re not reading them.

    Keep up the great work. -CJ

  6. “Silence” is probably the most profound expression of assent and/or agreement there is.

    It’s also another way the Universe says, “You da man.”

  7. Ok, message received. Econ posting will continue unabated.

    “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it…”

  8. Keep ’em coming. I’ll try to comment on them once in a while so you don’t feel so lonely. 😉

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