And Jesus Said to them….

HUH? That was not thunder you heard yesterday, it was Jesus with a facepalm, after Wisconsin Republican Alvin Ott started the legislative session with a prayer for deregulation(H/T nick nice for the video)!

You honestly can not make this stuff up!


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14 thoughts on “And Jesus Said to them….

  1. Jesus was against regulation, wasn’t he? Hey, he mentions it just as much as he does gays, and we all know he’s against gays, right?


  2. I like the ” and so on and so forth” part.

    I get all misty eyed thinking about the little stone church of my youth, when our pastor would
    solemnly recite the Lords Prayer:

    ” Our Father, who art in Heaven, and so on and so forth……”

  3. Hey, praying for deregulation is less damaging that anything else that assclown is likely to be doing in the legislature. Pray away, Ott!

  4. ” we thank you for… and I’ll let you fill it in.”

    “…and so on and so forth dear Lord.”

    He must attend the Church of the Uh Umm Etc. Etc.

    1. I’m sure Michelle Bachmann will get right on that as soon as she finishes Praying the Gay Away! Please, by all means spend as much time praying as possible. It’ll keep you from doing anything actually destructive to the nation.

  5. It’s going to take A long time and A lot of rebuilding to repair all the damage Obama and Co has done to the former triple A rated country.Why don’t you moonbats go occupy some space and make A difference ha ha ha

    1. America lost its AAA rating because Congressional Republicans made the possibility of her defaulting on her financial obligations frighteningly real enough through their obstructionism and ideological rigidity to convince Moody’s to downgrade it.

      The underlying debt arose by virtue of the Bush Administration’s profligate spending on unfunded wars, tax cuts and Medicare Part B. Before Bush’s ideologically driven spending spree, America had a budget surplus.

      The Obama Administration kept this country from experiencing a second Great Depression, and did so while the Republicans did everything in their power to tie his hands. Ray, while I’m not sure why you are so wedded to the idea that we are in the financial straits that we are in because of anything that President Obama has done, the fact remains that we are in them precisely because Republicans ideas do not work.

      Had the Republicans actually let the President implement his vision for America, instead of playing politics, we wouldn’t be in the position we are currently in.

      Republican ideas led us into the first Great Depression. But for President Obama and the Democratic Party, they would have led us into a second one, and you would have found yourself in a bread line, Ray.

      That said, WHAT exactly do you do “to make a difference”?

      Additionally, given the obvious “depth” of your comments here over time, I’m curious, Ray, what line of work are you in, and what is your educational background?

  6. Blasphemy!
    “If there is a God, atheism must seem to Him as less of an insult than religion.”
    Edmond de Goncourt
    Certainly true today.

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