At least 93 Milwaukee Police officers disciplined for breaking the law

Wow….just wow…

At least 93 Milwaukee police officers – ranking from street cop to captain – have been disciplined for violating the laws and ordinances they were sworn to uphold, a Journal Sentinel investigation found.

Their offenses range from sexual assault and domestic violence to drunken driving and shoplifting, according to internal affairs records. All still work for the Police Department, where they have the authority to make arrests, testify in court and patrol neighborhoods.

Officers who run afoul of the law often aren’t fired or prosecuted, the newspaper found. Consider:

 At least eight officers disciplined by the department for illegal behavior suffered no legal consequences whatsoever. One was Reginald Hampton, accused of sexually assaulting two women he met on duty. Another was Mark Kapusta, suspended after a woman said he pointed a gun at her head during a drunken road-rage incident. Neither officer was charged or ticketed.


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4 thoughts on “At least 93 Milwaukee Police officers disciplined for breaking the law

  1. WAAAaayy beyond wow. Time for a department investigation. And some serious scrutiny of the DA’s office too.

    I wonder what the the Department Chief’s press release is going to say when it’s released.

  2. Obviously doesn’t include the times cop pulls over drunk car, learns it’s a fellow cop, and it goes sight unseen. Which I know from personal knowledge happens all the time. Assuming same holds for other crimes, too.

    There’s a reason the city utilizes firefighters for their many community outreach programs rather than cops. This is full blown proof of that reason – the reason the community doesn’t trust the MPD.

    Proverbial heads obviously must roll.

    1. Adding…that may include Barrett, too. But surely Flynn, who ironically became the first chief ever confirmed for a second term just last week.

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