Coming to a TV commercial near you!

While I am an ardent supporter of recalls and democracy and ESPECIALLY recalling Scott Walker, everyone needs to be prepared for stories like this.

In Ohio, ex Fox news talker John Kasich rode the 2010 wave of ignorance into office and almost immediately( walker dropped his bomb first) worked to end all public unions. The people of Ohio, unable to recall Governor Kasich but able to “recall the bill” did so. In order to put the issue on the ballot, the people of Ohio, needed 231,000 signatures. This means that the right to collectively bargain is now on the Ohio ballot under the term \"ISSUE 2\".

Like all elections, there are groups working both sides trying to get their point across. Along came Great Grandmother Marlene Quinn. Marlene’s Great Granddaughter recently survived a brutal house fire, thanks to the fine Firefighters of Cincinnati, OH. Wanting to show her appreciation, she cut and ad saying thanking the firefighters, and asking that their rights to bargain not be taken away.

Well the other side,(vote yes on issue e), thought it was such a compelling ad, they decided to use the same ad to make their point.

In case your wondering if the people who twisted Marlene’s words around felt any remorse:

The group that appropriated Quinn’s image and story, Building a Better Ohio, is not apologizing. “Opponents of Issue 2 chose to use a personal story to make a political argument, but the same story makes an even more powerful case for supporting the reasonable reforms we’re asking of our government employees,” spokesman Jason Mauk told the Dayton Daily News.

(except of course it isn’t true).

Now fast forward a few months to the Walker recall, and think to yourself: if Scott Walker wanted to add violence to the mix to pass a bill, what lengths do you think he will go to keep his job?


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