Even when the Gov creates a job, he fails:

There is one job here in Wisconsin that Governor Walker can 100% take credit for creating…but then he went and screwed it anyway.

On September 23, 2011, by executive order, Gov. Walker created the position of deer trustee or deer czar. And then on October 3, 2011, Gov. Walker appointed Jim Kroll as Wisconsin’s first deer trustee!

Kroll … has cultivated the moniker “Dr. Deer” from his work as a deer management consultant, appearances on hunting shows and as author of articles in hunting magazines.

He is charged with an “independent, objective, and scientifically-based review of Wisconsin’s deer management practices.” A preliminary report is due no later than March 1.

The DOA press release referred to Kroll as the “world’s foremost expert in modern deer herd management.”

To all of you outdoors men in Wisconsin this is a momentous occasion. But for the employment environment in the state, nothing changed…because I left out of the quotes above one significant issue: Mr. Kroll is a professor at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

So if we are keeping score, we have employment in WI up by 1, unemployment in WI…ah…unchanged.

But wait, I am a little confused about today’s article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. MJS Outdoors Editor, Paul Smith, interviewed Mr. Kroll by phone. He’s here in WI and eager to start talking with the DNR and getting some other out of state cronies involved in WI deer management. But I am unclear to whether he is a full time employee of the State of Wisconsin who will be working in Madison, or this is an auxiliary gig to his university gig in Texas.

And over the coming weeks and months, Kroll said he’ll be working to make Wisconsinites more familiar with him and his task.

Kroll, a professor at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, traveled to Wisconsin to begin an “objective, independent and scientifically based review” of the state’s deer management program.

Kroll was appointed by and will report to the Department of Administration. The $125,000 contract for the review will be paid by the Department of Natural Resources.

Among Kroll’s first orders of business: a meeting in Madison on Wednesday with Scott Gunderson, executive assistant with the DNR.

“It will give us a chance to meet face to face and begin a relationship,” Kroll said by phone Wednesday morning. “I’m very open and transparent and that’s how I expect this process to work.”

Among his second: Kroll announced Gary Alt of Lagunitas, Calif., and David Guynn of Seneca, S.C., will join him on the review panel.

“We are going to go about this in a scientific manner,” Kroll said. “There are no preconceived notions. We’ll ask for data and information from the department and get more from the public, too. Only after that process we’ll make our recommendations.”

Kroll said he expects to return to Wisconsin with Alt and Guynn in coming weeks.

In the meantime, Kroll is accepting comments on his website from people interested in Wisconsin deer management. The website is www .drdeer.com/Wisconsin/html.

Hey, way cool, he’s got his own website! But it doesn’t end with wi.gov? What’s up with that…oh wait, I see, this isn’t a state post, this is a state contract. So I guess Gov. Walker didn’t really create a job, he just hired another gun!

So, for the Gov. Walker job creation ledger, employment no change, unemployment no change, another $125,000 WI tax payer dollars drift off to TX and other points red.


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  1. So, will WI taxpayer’s be paying his traveling expenses? meals? transportation? ect ect.

    Seriously, do you know if we will be doing this?

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