Glenn Beck Vindicated! America Ranks Near the Bottom in Social Justice Score!

Back in late 2009, Glenn Beck warned his listeners to be on the lookout for the codewords “social justice” and “economic justice” in their places of worship.  These were the codewords of Marxists.  Well thanks to the work of Glenn Beck and other conservatives, America now ranks near the bottom of the scale of international social justice scores.  Well done, Glenn!

Just to remind everyone of Glenn’s delightful words, and thanks to Media Matters for America, we have them preserved forever, here’s what Glenn had to say about social and economic justice on his radio show back in December of 2009 (right near Christmas!):

If you see the words — what is — social justice, and what was the other one? Economic justice. You see these — these are code words. These are the Marxist code words for the new global order. You see those words, if you see things that are now being preached about from the pulpit in many churches, about health care. Warning. Warning. Many churches have been infiltrated with this line of thinking that is absolutely against the freedoms that our Founding Fathers designed. And you can find them, you can find them. And they’re not hard to find. Look for them and wake your fellow parishioners and your fellow congregants up to what is going on, because there are hidden messages that are there. And they’re not hidden. I mean, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s all out in the open. [The Glenn Beck Program, 12/15/09]

Flash forward to October, 2011 and in a report released Thursday, Bertelsmann Stiftung, a German research foundation akin to Brookings or The RAND Corporation, compared social justice scores for the OECD nations.  Here is a summary of their results.

Iceland, which experienced one of the worst economic catastrophes is at the top.  The United States is 5th worst.  Given the recent CBO report on income inequality, it’s hardly surprising that America fares so poorly.  Thanks, Glenn, for ensuring that we’re worse than nearly every other advanced nation on Earth, bracketed by Greece and Spain.  American Exceptionalism indeed!


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6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Vindicated! America Ranks Near the Bottom in Social Justice Score!

  1. Hmm, and who are the Euro places that have major debt issues? Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy- all are near the bottom around the U.S. when it comes to inequality, and all are also suffering from high unemployment.

    Also interesting that we’re a lot closer to lawless, 3rd-World Mexico than those socialists with the regulated banks in Canada.

    Tells you a lot, doesn’t it? It isn’t “overspending” that leads debt problems, it’s a lack of jobs and fairness in the economy.

  2. Oh those Marxists! CNN actually put out a halfway decent brief bio of the man himself, here. It would be nice if we could get the Beckites to actually know what they were talking about.

  3. While Glenn Beck isn’t a big fan of social justice, you know who was?

    Some guy named Jesus.

    If conservatives truly believed in their religion, they’d support helping the downtrodden and less fortunate in society just as Jesus preached.

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