“Good government” conservative Paul Cesarz ignoring constituents

What’s this?!? A conservative “good government” lawmaker ignoring his constituents?!?

That certainly seems to be the case with County Supervisor Paul Cesarz, as reported by Steve Schultze of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Though he shows up for full County Board meetings, his presence at committee meetings has been inconsistent. His attendance slid after the 2008 election, but has improved lately.

There are other signs of neglect. Cesarz’s County Board website has grown stale. His biography is outdated, and he’s posted only one new item since his 2008 re-election, a joint news release from last year stating his support for reducing pension credit for supervisors. Under a section titled, “What’s new,” Cesarz’s website has nothing. Most supervisors issue at least annual newsletters and often post online press releases.

“He angers me because there’s zero effort on his part,” said Supervisor Mark Borkowski, a fellow conservative whose district abuts Cesarz’s in the county’s southern suburbs.

It’s worth noting Paul Cesarz was first elected to the County Board as a “reform” candidate in the wake of the county’s pension scandal, and he was elected with the help of Orville Seymer and his Citizens for Responsible Government.

Ignoring the constituents who pay your salary? Sounds like the very definition of government waste to me, and I’m not alone.


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