Here come the locusts!

When see stories like this, then its hard not to think that all hope is lost! Republican presidential frontrunner and Godfathers bankrupter Herman Cain is known for his groundbreaking 9-9-9 tax plan that we now find out is not so “groundbreaking”.

WASHINGTON — In Herman Cain’s America, the tax code would be very, very simple: The corporate income tax rate would be 9 percent, the personal income tax rate would be 9 percent and the national sales tax rate would be 9 percent.

But there’s already a 999 plan out there, in a land called SimCity.

Long before Cain was running for president and getting attention for his 999 plan, the residents of SimCity 4 — which was released in 2003 — were living under a system where the default tax rate was 9 percent for commercial taxes, 9 percent for industrial taxes and 9 percent for residential taxes

Stay tuned as Herman Cain praises the Police for stopping “Grand theft auto” and the military for ending the threat of “space invaders”! While Cain promises NO MUSLIMS in his cabinet, the Mario Brothers will be tagged for Secretary of Defense and Head of the FDA, “after all they are super”! . Cain was also overhead to say that while there are many “pitfalls” to running for president, and every debate seems like “Mortal Kombat”, he has done so well that he now has the “pole position”. When Cain becomes president he would like to attend the “Tecmo Bowl” every year where “Crash Bandicoot” and “Q-bert” will be his guests of honor!

Seriously what is the biggest sign of Armegeddon?

* The leading republican presidential candidate taking his economic plan from a video game

* The GOP Chairman of the House Budget Committee \"loves\" the plan?

I expect Locusts any minute!


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