Herman Cain’s Whackjobbery Set to Music

Brought to you, directly from the vaults of Koch Brothers Records, all the hits you love sung by Herman Cain, though with the lyrics slightly changed.  In a recording 20 years old, here’s John Lennon’s Imagine, sung by the Godfather himself:  Video goodness

Yeah, but “Give pizza a chance” isn’t going to be Cain’s only big hit.  I expect Cain to cover Trial Before Pilate from Jesus Christ Superstar very soon, with altered lyrics to show that liberals are responsible for killing Christ.  (The notion of liberals being against capital punishment doesn’t seemed to have seeped into Cain’s brain, evidently.)  This makes me wonder if there’s an official song for Sim City, the source of Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan

Alas, Cain’s poll numbers will likely start slipping very soon, which will leave us with major whackjobbery dropping out of the GOP race.  At least John Lennon might stop spinning in his grave at that point.




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