How Will Scott Walker Pay for His Pension Premiums?

You all remember.  It was just last week we found out that Scott Walker had reneged on his promise to increase his contributions to his own pension.  How we know how he’s going to pay for them, by giving himself a raise.  Yes, the man who insists he is all about austerity has found money in the budget to give himself, and several others, a raise. 

Of course, he’s still not going to create the jobs in Wisconsin that he promised.  Not a chance.


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16 thoughts on “How Will Scott Walker Pay for His Pension Premiums?

      1. Well, over on “A Bombing at Occupy Maine”, he was upset that everyone thought SuzyMetta4 was a troll, suggesting that that was because progressives can’t tolerate contrary opinions, despite the wealth of common sense that supported people’s perception of “Suzy”.

        I’m pretty sure that he just Fed Up that the Right can’t take America back to the 1950s.

        I think that he’s another troll.

  1. Many things, but that is not the question. I heard on the news that he was not getting a raise. I am looking for the truth. It should be simple enough to site your reference and back up what you wrote. If what you said is untrue, I would expect a correction.

    I think it is fine to disagree, but it is not acceptable to be disagreeable.

    1. So clicking on the links doesn’t constitute a citation? Are you new to the whole Web thing?

    2. “I am [just] looking for the truth. ”

      Yeah, just like troll SuzyMetta4 was just trying to express her “heartfelt” beliefs regarding OWS at “A Bombing At Occupy Maine.”

      If you’ll remember, FedUp was aghast, JUST aghast, I tell you, at the reaction that “Suzy” got there (JCG got his panties all up in a bunch there, too, because of the reaction that FedUp got, but that’s another story), at the inability of the Left to tolerate “different opinions.”

      I get the feeling that FedUp’s dottering, “What’s a link”, cluelessness and “sincerity” is just a disingenuous cover, just as SuzyMetta4’s was.

      It is remarkable how similarly “sincere” both FedUp and SuzyMetta4 are, isn’t it?

      It occurs to me that rightwing trolls are now trying out this “sincere” approach to commenting as OWS captures the imagination of the nation, much to the consternation of the Right.”

      In any event, FedUp sounds a lot like Wingnut fka LookingAtLoons. I wonder, has Wingnut been “reborn”?

      1. I am a person, who does not understand the world I find myself in. Call me
        names, call me a troll, whatever. I will still read this blog, follow the local news etc. What I find most offensive (aside my own mistakes) is your sarcasm and cynical almost hateful nature. This is not who I am, nor anyone I want to be.

  2. Thank you for correcting my mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking. Yikes, maybe I need more coffee. Either way, I am still waiting to hear where Steve got his information from. I admitted my souce was the channel 12 news this AM.

    When blatant lies are told and not corrected, as it appears has happened in this case, it hurts the cause. I feel it is better to stand up, admit a mistake, and move on.

    1. I agree that, if the item is incorrect, it should be corrected. As the author of the original post, I’ve seen nothing in the press that would make me change my story. Also, I don’t see a link to a channel 12 source in your comments above. Please share that with the group… 🙂

    2. Did you click on the link cited. If you did, then perhaps you can argue with that link. Idiot.

      1. Steve, with all due respect are out of line calling Fed up an idiot. Politifact substantiates his claim that Walker did not give himself a raise:

        So you want him to click on a link that has been shown to be a specious logic and then call him an idiot. Grow up , show some respect and argue issues without engaging in personal attacks. You were wrong on this one, you owe Fed up an apology.

        1. Not really, SI. Another case of Politi”fact” getting bogged down in semantics. Sure, maybe it’s incorrect to say Walker’s “giving himself” a raise, but it’s sure correct to say he ain’t giving it back, either, and is in fact getting that raise.

          So semantics aside, what’s clear is that the honorable thing for him to do, of course, while he’s crying (lying) about the state being broke, and taking money out of the pockets of public servants, would be to refuse the raise (and take a hefty cut on top of it).

          So the gist of it still stands.

          1. Thank you Super Id. I think I learned something here. These blogs don’t need to be factually accurate, they just need to have the “gist” of accuracy. Is this really good enough for everyone? Just be close to the truth and it is all okay?

            Is this what the left has become? We are so hateful that we will lie openly about our opponent and then when we find out the truth, we don’t back down and apologize because our opponent is still so wrong he deserves to be attacked, either way?

            1. Fedup, if you are claiming the left as “lying openly,” then you’ve missed a whole lot of the last ten years in this country, and the last 18 months in Wisconsin.

              You asked for a citation earlier. It’s in the article. Everyone told you that, which is a complete and utter truth. You may disagree with the article cited, but there is no doubt whatsoever it was in fact cited.

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