I predict…

That as we speak, throughout the right wing echo chamber, Hank Williams Jr. is being put on a pedestal! He will now have an open invite to join Hannity any time he wants.

This is the guy who brought us such brilliant songs as this:

Full disclosure though, I am a big Hank Williams Jr. Fan, have all of his records, tapes and CD’s and have seen him in concert many times(not as many times as I have seen Ted Nugent though), including a year and half ago. I am not sure how he turned so right wing, since in the 80’s many of his songs were about how hard life is on everyday people under Reaganomics. If it was not for Republican economic policies, he would not have a subject to sing about. Including this song that describes the Bush years perfectly.

Personally I think the song should have been replaced because it was based off a song he wrote in 1984, it was a little stale. He should not have been replaced for his ridiculous comments. I say let the right wing speak so everyone can see who they are! That being said it will be interesting to see just how much the right wing echo chamber jumps to his defense.


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16 thoughts on “I predict…

  1. Yes, Williams should be fired. It was a stupid argument, and comparing anyone to Hitler should be grounds for dismissal.

    But to be consistent, should the teacher who compared a school board member to a Nazi also be canned?

  2. Stupid arguments should not get people fired(unless they are elected officials like when scott fitzgerald tried to arrest the dem senators or scott walker said he was reforming education by cutting $1.6 Billion from it).

    Not sure what case you are referring to.

  3. Please Jeff tell the crowd how I put Hank Jr. on a pedestal. Did I condone or excuse what he did?

    You do disappoint. You continue to make stuff up.

  4. I’ve always said Good Friday is the average tightie whitie rightie’s favorite holiday, because these guys are always telling you how crucified their privileged selves are. If you don’t like it on the cross, why’d you climb up on it?

    HW2 is a low-class joke. If he doesn’t like how people are responding to his yabbering, he should take it up with the Dixie Chicks. Except that the Dixie Chicks had the added benefit of knowing what they were talking about, so Hank may be in a bit over his head there.

    1. these guys are always telling you how crucified their privileged selves are. If you don’t like it on the cross, why’d you climb up on it?

      Right on.

      Conservative white males: the most oppressed and persecuted class in world history. When will they ever catch a break?!

    1. Fred, I’m far more hospitable than you….after all, you still have the ability to post your comments here, while I’ve been banned from posting at your blog.

      I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you chose to ban me though, because you’ve always struck me as incredibly thin-skinned and whiny.

      Oh, and have a great day!

      (How’s that for hospitality?)

  5. I have also been banned from Fred’s site – Censored Debate Wisconsin but welcome you to comment on our site.

    Fred yes reading your post it appears that you condoned what he said.

  6. By the way Fred you are correct, when most right wingers compare President Obama to Hitler there are no repercussions they just get better ratings:

  7. If you two had the ability to be civil you could still comment at RDW but you have proven unable to do so. You guys always leave that part out. We only ask one thing, be civil. Is that so difficult? Apparently so.

    By the way Jeff, please explain how my post but Hank on a pedestal or condoned it in any way as you claim it did, please explain how. All I did was point out how similar circumstance was handled very differently. That does not condone or condemn.

    1. Fred, you need to get a thicker skin.

      At any rate, I’ll continue to let you comment here, because unlike you I can tolerate opinions that differ from my own.

      Have a great day!

    2. Fred I gave you another example to use in terms of people being treated differently. feel free to use it.

      Also feel free to point out anytime where I was not “civil” on your website. if i am not mistaken I only posted once and you censored it.

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