Mahlon Mitchell Is Considering a Run for Governor

Well this is an interesting twist.  The super-popular Firefighter Union Chief Mahlon Mitchell is considering a run for Governor!

Could we get so lucky?

In an interview with Mother Jones, he said he was “seriously considering a run” for governor in a potential recall election targeting Walker. He said he believes Wisconsinites are sick of professional politicians not following through on campaign promises, and that a populist candidate running against Walker stands a better chance of unseating the governor. The ideal candidate would be “able to talk with common people about common issues,” Mitchell said. “Tell ’em what you can do and what you can’t do.”

Oh please… Oh please!


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8 thoughts on “Mahlon Mitchell Is Considering a Run for Governor

    1. No doubt the Democratic establishment won’t be happy with this.

      And I’m OK with that…

  1. While not a professional politician, this man has some major character flaws that includes abusing women. I can’t stand Walker, but I don’t want one bully for another.

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