Occupy – Part 4 – Iraq Veteran Edition (Updated)

H/T Alternet for this video.

Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas, of Roosevelt, NY, tells the NYPD to stop beating unarmed people who are exercising their first amendment rights:

I wonder if Marine Sgt. Thomas is on the MacIver Institute\'s \"list\"?

Sgt. Thomas was on Keith Olberman’s show (H/T Raw Story):

When asked what the protest meant to him, Thomas said: “This is our time in our generation to change the greed that is in America.”


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3 thoughts on “Occupy – Part 4 – Iraq Veteran Edition (Updated)

  1. Another ‘hero’ assassin/executioner who occupied a foreign country of innocent people who had done us no wrong to fight for our freedom to live in a police state. Thank you Bush & O-bomb-a.

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