Our Citizen Legislator

Just paid cash for a Million dollar plus house in DC. (H/t Daniel Bice)

For someone who vowed to serve as a “citizen legislator,” U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson certainly is acting like a seasoned Washington insider.

First, Johnson hired a former lobbyist as his chief of staff. Then he announced that he was running for a top GOP post in the Senate and created a leadership fund.

Now it turns out that Johnson has paid cash for a $1 million-plus D.C. house within walking distance of his Senate office.

No sleeping on a cot in his legislative office for this first-term Republican.

Actually, the brick town house – guaranteed to “knock your socks off” in the words of the real estate agent – was bought by The Ronald H. Johnson and Jane K. Johnson Irrevocable Endowment Trust.

Johnson spokeswoman Mary Vought said her boss and his wife pay rent to the family trust to stay in the 2,430-square-foot house with 3 bedrooms and 3½ bathrooms.

Here is the listing and pictures of RoJo\'s new digs!

Yeah, he is one of us!

By the way, here at the BloggingBlue Institute, we added up the number of listening sessions that RoJo has held in WI!

I wonder if he has a guest room there for his mentor Dick Morris?


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2 thoughts on “Our Citizen Legislator

  1. I have to say I have no problem in principle with Ron Johnson buying a house, but I have problems with that $10MM he paid himself after he got elected, and I have problems with him posing as a humble man of the people when he is not. He should simply come clean and pose as a rich citizen legislator, but that doesn’t fit his campaign. . . and it IS a campaign still.

    As to his hiring a lobbyist, that’s the Republican way, and should be focussed on far more.

  2. Of all the bad, and there is a lot, the one thing that drives me crazy about RoJo was when he was asked that by Bice and answered:

    “It’s a private business,” Johnson said earlier this year. “I’ve complied with all the disclosure laws, and I don’t have to explain it any further to someone like you.”

    “somone like you” who exactly does he have to answer too? Is there a more intellectually limited senator in DC? has there been a bigger case of buyers remorse than there is with rojo?

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