7 thoughts on “Proud to be a Liberal!

    1. Yep. List is way too long for a cartoon.

      But as a devil’s advocate, tried to think of comparable things you could put on a list of accomplishments conservatives have contributed toward bettering society. Honestly can’t think of anything. Not in a snarky way…in an “actually can’t think of anything” way. Help me out – glad to be wrong. But either way, the scoreboard is decisive.

      1. Adding…in that case, maybe it’s high time conservatives pull themselves up by the bootstraps and start being more constructive members of society.

        Now that was where the snark comes in. 🙂

      2. Let me give you a non-snarky answer.

        I think Conservatives, when they’re operating as actual conservatives (a la William F. Buckley, William Safire or even David Frum in his more lucid moments) provide a good foil and balance to what could be an overreaching government. While they define “liberty” too narrowly, I think it’s important to listen to what they have to say when judging your own policy positions. You don’t have to agree, but they often make useful points that help refine an argument.

        They also serve as a good counterbalance for programs which might create too broad a social sweep when less is better than more.

        That being said, there aren’t any conservatives left in America. The chattering classes have replaced Buckley and Safire with Beck and Malkin. They’re all corporatists and apologists for the wealthy. The GOP has become the TeaOP and they’ve dragged the more gullible party members on their new mission to defend the wealthy at all costs.

        Their adherence to a party line which includes uterine enslavement, denial of anthropogenic climate change, the fact of evolution and a whole host of other scientific truth denial would be laughable if it weren’t so twisted.

        One does occasionally run across a thoughtful conservative who can articulate a clear view of what he or she believes, but mostly it’s just frothing, ranting and hyperbole now. But people eat that shit up so it’s no wonder Rushbo and Beckinstein have such large audiences.

        My $.02. YMMV.

        1. Oh yeah, I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing in real life can function in a vacuum – balancing forces are vital. So within that frame, there’s no doubt conservatives provide a lot of value to the system [and many I know are good folks, too boot! (which should go without saying)].

          Just saying within the frame of “list of accomplishments”. But then, that’s kind of the root defining difference between progressive and conservative ideologies – one wants to make progress and “accomplish” improvements, the other wants to conserve the status quo in the broad sense. But that’s a philosophical debate for another day.

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