Recall effort against Gov. Walker to begin November 15

From my email inbox comes news that United Wisconsin and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will be initiating a recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker starting on November 15.

After weeks of discussion and positive collaboration with grassroots activists like you, today comes an historic announcement.

In just a few hours, I will go live on the Ed Shultz Show at 9:00 PM CST to announce that, in collaboration with United Wisconsin, the grassroots effort to recall Scott Walker will begin Nov. 15th.

We wanted activists like you to be the first to hear the news because you know what it will take to win this fight.

In fewer than 37 days, we will need to organize, train and fund an army of grassroots volunteers who will need to collect more than 540,206 valid recall signatures.

If the effort to recall Gov. Walker does in fact start on November 15, the 540,000+ signatures that will be necessary to trigger a recall election would be needed to be gathered by January 13, 2012.

While I certainly could see the logic in trying to trigger a recall as close as possible to the 2012 general election, I think attempting a recall earlier makes the most sense in order to capitalize on the momentum of the anti-Walker movement.


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16 thoughts on “Recall effort against Gov. Walker to begin November 15

  1. I disagree. There is nothing wrong with waiting for a spring drive and a June election.

    Saying it’s one or the other of two dates is a false choice.

  2. This will make it interesting for people to get signatures to run for office. It’ll only be a minor factor in the process, though.

    A more important question in my eyes is, when will the recall election be?

    1. Given the timing of things, we’d be likely to see a recall election on the same ballot as the Republican presidential primary in Wisconsin.

      1. Zach- No we won’t. GOP prez primary is first week of April, and that would the be the date of the recall primary. And yes, the Dems will have a primary (legit or otherwise- I’d prefer legit with multiple candidates).

        Instead, Walker will be taken out the first week of May, with the students still in town and the Kochs busy trying to buy up a presidential candidate. It’ll be fun seeing Walker fade away as the big money decides not to waste money on him.

        1. I’m not so sure there would be a Democratic primary, because just as the Democratic establishment hand-picked their preferred gubernatorial candidate in 2010, they’ll do the same in 2012 if there is a recall election.

          Tremendous pressure will be brought to bear on any non-chosen Democrats who dare to show an interest in running against Walker.

  3. it all comes down to turnout anyway. we need to mobilize and bring out the people anyway. the sooner the better. it’s not like Rick perry is going to draw a huge following who have to vote for him. I would be worried if they had a serious popular candidate and it means the spring “non partisan” elections will have new meaning.

    I also love that it’s the 15th not the beginning of the month. that will allow for a two week burst at the end that does nor interfere with the holidays!

  4. They’re making it as hard on themselves as possible: cold weather, Packer season, holidays, setting the election up for a non-ideal Dem turnout scenario…so we’ll see. I sense the party is just getting out in front of it to co-opt, realizing if they didn’t then the grassroots groups would jump the gun. So don’t agree with the timing, but no sense arguing about it now I guess since what’s done is done. Happy to be wrong.

  5. I think we should have recalled at least a couple more repub state senators first. I think it’s possible the grassroots are running more on rage than brains.

    1. But so what if they are running on rage? Fire matters.

      And by the way, what makes you think there won’t be recalls of Senators, D-B Van Hollen, and judges along the way? Why not sign up more than 1 thing as you go?

        1. Could not disagree more, Zach. You go big or go home. Besides, blowing out Walker is the first and second priority, but why not take out others along the way.

          By the way, Mike Tate said tonight that recalling Senators WILL HAPPEN, and that there’s 60-80 organizers already signed up to set things up in the field. I’m trying not to be overly peppy, but I think there’s a lot of thought that has gone into this. P.S.- They’re well aware of the April prez primary, and Walker’s recall election won’t happen that day.

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