Rep. Steve Nass: not above some shameless fear-mongering!

From Republican State Rep. Steve Nass comes this gem of an email, copied without any editing:

From: Rep.Nass
Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2011 12:39 PM
To: *Legislative Assembly Democrats; *Legislative Assembly Independents; *Legislative Assembly Republicans; *Legislative Senate Democrats; *Legislative Senate Republicans
Cc: Huebsch, Mike – DOA; Jensen, Jodi – GOV
Subject: Capitol Basement as a Homeless Shelter


Is this what we can look forward to by opening up the Capitol basement, as Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) suggests? 

Imagine encouraging this character to be in close proximity in the State Capitol to the thousands of visitors and state workers, including school children, that come to this building for legitimate purposes.  If keeping the Capitol basement closed will protect even one school student from this type of risk inside the State Capitol, then shouldn’t we keep it closed.

The State Capitol is a public office building.  If it’s safe to open the Capitol basement as a de facto homeless shelter, then the DOA Building, the City-County Building and other Madison municipal buildings should also be utilized.

Steve Nass
31st Wisconsin Assembly District

(888) 529-0031  Toll-Free (Wisconsin Only)
(608) 266-5715


Police: Officer pummeled by homeless man in Madison park while dozens watched

BILL NOVAK | The Capital Times | | Posted: Thursday, October 6, 2011 10:47 am

Ryan Wehinger, 24, no permanent address, was arrested after allegedly putting a Madison police officer in a headlock and punching him repeatedly. The unidentified officer was taken to a hospital with head injuries, including a golfball-sized lump on his head. A homeless man allegedly put a Madison police officer in a headlock and punched him repeatedly in Downtown Madison Wednesday afternoon, while about two dozen people looked on.

The alleged attacker, Ryan Wehinger, 24, no permanent address, was tentatively charged with battery to a police officer, resisting/obstructing and bail jumping, following his arrest by the officer in an area known as Bonsai Park in the 100 block of West Mifflin Street at about 3:25 p.m. Wednesday.

The unidentified officer was taken to a hospital with head injuries, including a golfball-sized lump on his head.

Another man, Joseph Kearney, 49, Madison, was arrested for theft and resisting/obstructing after he allegedly tried to steal the officer’s cap and sunglasses that had fallen to the ground during Wehinger’s attack on the officer.

“The officer had contacted Wehinger in the park after recognizing him as a possible suspect in an earlier battery where a 29-year-old woman was injured,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Wehinger came after the officer, wrapping his arm around the officer’s neck and pushed his head down while delivering blows, DeSpain said.

“The officer eventually was able to take the suspect to the pavement and gain control,” DeSpain said. “He also stopped Kearney as he tried to steal the MPD baseball cap and sunglasses.”

The officer recommended as a condition of bail that both Wehinger and Kearney be put on the State Street ban list.

“The officer also said a couple of dozen people were in the park at the time of the attack, but none came to his aid,” DeSpain said.


While Rep. Nass seems to want to demonize the homeless in an attempt to put fear into his colleagues, it’s widely known that homeless people have congregated in the capitol lunch room since it opened after renovation early last decade. As far as I’ve been able to determine there has never been any kind of incident with a homeless person in the State Capitol lunch room, despite Rep. Nass’ best attempts at fear-mongering.

If Rep. Nass cares so much about homeless people congregating in the State Capitol, perhaps he should write some legislation or otherwise work with his fellow legislators to find some way to help those individuals who are homeless with housing, especially as we approach what’s likely to be yet another cold Wisconsin winter. After all, I’m sure Rep. Nass considers himself a Christian, and helping those in need would seem to me to be the Christian thing to do.


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  1. Rep. nAss (R-atrazine) could protect thousands of innocent Wisconsin children by keeping his mouth shut…. But then, where would the flies of Jefferson County breed?

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