Scott Walker’s state government – wasting taxpayer dollars on iPads for all employees of a state agency

Remind me again how broke the state is?!?!?

The newly created Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. has dropped a little more than $43,000 to buy 73 iPads for everyone on the staff. The agency, formerly the state Department of Commerce, currently has 63 employees but is in the middle of filling other positions.

Toss in the activation fees and the monthly cost for 3G service for 35 of the iPads, and the cost rises to just about $60,000 for the year.

It’s worth noting that despite the fact that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is a private-public hybrid, the iPads were purchased with state dollars.


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5 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s state government – wasting taxpayer dollars on iPads for all employees of a state agency

  1. It makes them more efficient at stealing from the poor and middle class. In fact it’s so efficient, that it contributes to it! They’d call that a win-win on any croquet court I’ve ever played on.

    1. PS – I’m on the Brewers’ bandwagon (don’t worry – I’ll hop off as soon as the season’s over), but I noticed their fans did it again in almost the exact same situation as game 1! So let me lay it out more bluntly for Brewers fans:

      1) When it’s a tie game with 2 on in the playoffs, you can rest assured the last thing the opposing pitcher wants to do is load the bases by hitting your guy. So booing makes exactly zero sense.

      2) When your guy gets hit by a pitch to load the bases in a tied playoff game, unless it’s in the face or something horrific, it’s a good thing! Cheer, dangit!

      Please, don’t let this happen again.

  2. That comes out to $589 per I-Pad. 32 GB

    Considering it is the newly created Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., quasi-public-private partnership, who do those coputers belong to? The state, who paid for them? Or WEDC, a private enterprise?

  3. I’m sure it would be no problem at all to publish the cost benefit analysis for this purchase. That way a transparent administration can show us they our taxpayer money is being used wisely.

    Think I’ll be waiting a while for that?

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