12 thoughts on “Sean Duffy stages cheap publicity stunt, calls it “Job Fair”.

  1. He must have gotten the idea from Obama’s jobs bill. Or, to use your example, Do we pay presidents to find jobs for their constituents? Just askin.

  2. THAT may be one of the best parodies I’ve seen. Deserves much wider play.

  3. A politician takes the personal step of actually helping connect jobs with the jobless but that isn’t appreciated here at BB? I suppose you would be pleased to leave the jobless, well, jobless? Or is it just that he’s the opposition and one cannot ever make a positive comment about them?
    If you wish to be critical of Sean Duffy, I suggest you look at his new healthcare reform plan. Plenty there to be discredited. He’s no expert on healthcare so he is being fed legislation to increase his visibility in Congress. Who feeds Duffy pre-packaged legislation is the story.

    1. PB,

      There are people in Marathon County whose job it is to connect the jobless with jobs. This is a publicity stunt, pure and simple. And I’ll have plenty to say about Duffys health care bill if he ever gets it finished.

      To Jake/LP,

      Thanks. Written and directed by yours truly.

  4. Well worth the kudos Steve. I like the tag of “Made by 3 guys without a lot of money.”

    Partially Blue- It’s a pathetic photo op by Sean from the Real World. He had ZERO to do with setting it up or generating opportunities that would lead to new jobs in Marathon County. It’s a move that deserves to get ripped.

  5. He took over the Veteran’s Job Fair that was already scheduled for that date. The Vet’s were ordered to cooperate by Ken Grant who until recently was the head of Veteran’s Employment for the Wisconsin Dept of Workforce Development. Grant was recently appointed to Bureau Chief of Veteran’s Affairs under Scott Walkers croney Scosos. People who work for WDWD are scared to lose their job if they speak out against Sean Duffy so they went along, did all the work for the Job Fair and let Duffy show up and take credit for the entire event. Sean Duffy voted to zero out WIA funding for job training programs and at risk youth. He also voted to cut major funds from Job Centers. The cost of the WIA programs and funding for JC’s? 4 billion nationwide, almost the same amount in tax subsidies to big oil which he voted to SAVE. He is a hypocrite and a liar. Easy to find the truth, look for it.

    1. Ken Grant was also one of the heads of Veteran’s for Walker during Scotty’s campaign. Coincidence, I think not.

  6. Your welcome Steve. I tried sending you some websites this a.m. but it told me I was too spammy.

    So look up: PolitiScoop – Sean Duffy Hijacks Jobs Fair for Self-Promotion. This article does an excellent job of explaining the WIA Programs issue. What’s even more ironic is Sean Duffy’s Northcentral area has one of the highest success rates in the state. Instead of being proud of that fact, he just zeroed them out. Over a thousand students and participants were in training at that time and would have been hung out in the breeze with nothing.

    Next look up: Scott Walker Political Appointee Scocos – Radio Free Wisconsin. This will make the connection for you on the Ken Grant thing.

    Next look up: Wisconsin Dept of Veterans Affairs Executive Biographies
    This is Ken Grant’s brand new job.

    And finally: Wisconsin Office of Veteran’s Employment
    Ken Grant’s old job that he left days before the Job Fair. He was the Region 3 Supervisor and ordered the Vets staff to allow Sean Duffy to take over the Veteran’s Job Fair and put a “positive spin” on it.

    Since Walker eliminated collective bargaining rights, public workers are not going to speak up on this since they fear losing their jobs. They have no protection anymore. But this is more cronyism and PR spin.

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