The 1% Strike Back!

You know, the world is peopled with some big socially tone-deaf jerks.  People who don’t understand social circumstances.  Then there are these douchebags at the CBOT who have their own editorial perspective on the Occupy movement.

Window signs at the CBOT“WE ARE THE 1%”

I wouldn’t necessarily take pride in that.  Making a point of prodding the angry hive of bees that is the Occupy movement may seem clever but it may not be smart.  Privileged assholes like you often get treated roughly by the forces of history.

Just sayin’…


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1 thought on “The 1% Strike Back!

  1. Well stated. I’m waiting for one of those to roll down Wall Street…and State Street. Any idea where one can be found?

    If the privileged deny the people exist, the people will deny them even more severely…and they better hope it’s not YOUR existence.

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