The new conservative civility – when does Democrat hunting season open?

From the Facebook page of Republican State Rep. Joel Kleefisch (better known as Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch’s husband) comes yet another example of conservatives behaving badly:

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As I write this, Rep. Kleefisch has yet to address the comments made by his Facebook friend, so I can only assume he condones that kind of rhetoric.


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4 thoughts on “The new conservative civility – when does Democrat hunting season open?

  1. Why would Kleefisch comment on this? And if he did, what earth-shattering statement do you think would he make? Would he say “hell yeah, me and my redneck buddies are goin’ to Madison to hunt us some liberal jackasses”. Not a chance, yet some knobshine can throw a beer in his face and be applauded by the left.

  2. Ok, just read the first comment on “Civility is Meaningless” from Dawn Berger, she writes “David Prosser deserves to get his ass publicly whooped , physically, verbally, or politically…” Nice, liberal, hypocritical view. You lefties need to invest in mirrors.

    1. And no doubt you read my reply, in which I noted that two wrongs don’t make a right.

      However, if you’d like, I can point out more examples of conservatives using less than appropriate/inflammatory rhetoric so that you can criticize them, lest you be labeled a hypocrite.

      Then again, seeing as how you haven’t criticized the comments about hunting Democrats, I can only assume you condone that kind of rhetoric. Shall I bring you your mirror now?

  3. And because I haven’t criticized Jeffery Dahmer’s actions in my comments here it can be surmised that I support serial murder. Spin it any way you’d like, people should be judged by their actions, not what someone else writes on their facebook page. The guy that wrote the hunting remark has an odd sense of humor, but his comment would need further context as hunting has many different connotations. Dawn Berger is obviously a mean spirited woman, i don’t see any other way of interpreting ” his ass publicly whooped , physically”. I agree, there are numerous examples on both sides of the debate, but the liberals are the ones who are claiming the high road when they are just as bad.

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