There are Dark Forces at Work Here…

Paul Ryan is off to a huge lead in fundraising.  If Zerban is going to defeat Ryan, he’s going to need a lot of financial support to do it.

The columns are “Raised, Spent, CTD and CoH”

No surprise, the incumbent has a much easier time raising money than the challenger.  Rob Zerban only has $225,000 on hand, but Ryan has $4.2 million in his war-chest.  According to OpenSecrets, here’s who holds Paul Ryan’s leash.

Paul Ryan's Masters
PACS and People who Own Paul Ryan

Here’s a look at the two candidate, Ryan and Zerban.

Ryan and Zerban

Notice that Zerban has actually put in more than $100,000 of his own money.


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12 thoughts on “There are Dark Forces at Work Here…

    1. I’ve given to him. But maybe you have inside information. What is that reason, Laurie?

  1. In this district there’s only so much money can do. If Rob can raise $500,000 to $1MM, then I think he has a chance. What’s Ryan going to spend that other cash on, commercials that piss people off?

    1. The commercials that Paul ryan runs have nothing to do with what Paul ryan believes.

      When he ran against Marge Krupp, he ran 2 million in ads talking about how we need to change our trade policies and bring our jobs home. he ran a set of ads that could have easily been substituted for Feingold.

  2. Zerban is wealthy & planning to self-fund, hence why people are excited about him actually having a shot at it.

  3. Ben, what information do you have that Zerban is wealthy? Seriously, please let me know.

    1. $105,010 worth of “candidate self-financing”, per the graphic Phil posted above from may qualify as said information.

      (And before I get the obligatory “but $105,010 isn’t wealthy” from some airhead troll: being able to throw away that much at a campaign means he likely has much, much more where that came from, unless he very brazenly took that much out as a loan. But then again, no bank is gonna lend your average ham n’ egger that much money to throw away at a campaign either, unless he has much, much more where that came from in non-liquid assets.)

      1. While I agree that $105k isn’t chump change, it’s a far cry from the $4MM+ that Clown Car Paul has raised or carried forward. For all we know, he mortgaged his house.

        Someone needs to ask him.

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