I have not covered this issue, because I have not had time. However I think it is a very important issue that also is NOT getting enough play in the mainstream media. I still do not have the time to go deeply into it, but if you check out the Worley Dervish, she has done Yeo(wo)man\'s work covering this issue.

I just wanted to share a real life example.

My computer got a nasty virus for the second time in two weeks. 2 weeks ago I had to overnight my hard drive to Massachusetts – UPS cost $50.34. Yesterday, I had to overnight it again,same package same address(except this time for Saturday delivery) but went to my local Post Office – Cost was $18.30.

Now about that private enterprise can do things better than Government… let’s privatize the world!


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3 thoughts on “USPS

  1. Thom Hartmann has been all over this story. He’s pointed out on numerous occasions that the injection of the poison pension pill back in 2006 (I believe that’s the right year) is at the root of the financial trouble at the USPS. It’s just a way for the TeaOP to break up the largest public sector union in America. It’s shameful that this is not getting the attention it deserves.

  2. Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Allison Kilkenny, and John Nichols have all done a good job of covering the assault on the USPS. Still there is much more to the story than is being told, and I have many more questions than answers. Thanks for the shout out, Jeff.

  3. The federal Postal Service was integrated successfully and became, outside of segregated schools, one of the largest employers of African Americans in the nation, contributing to the growth of the black middleclass. It remains a large employer for African Americans.
    Of course, the Republicans have been wanting to destroy it.
    It is all by design.

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