Walker and WI GOP Ignore Jobs in Favor of Special Interests


I know, I know.  Mark Pocan already exposed the real agenda behind the special legislative session on jobs led by the GOP here in Wisconsin.  It ain’t about jobs.  Heck, even Scott Walker’s focus today on retraining workers rings hollow given his slash and burn budgeting against the educational institutions that provide retraining in this state.  No news there.  The real news here is that even conservative newspapers across the state are beginning to identify the special interests Walker and the Fitzgerald boys are focused on rather than jobs. 

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel we hear that Walker and his posse are in favor of unchecked and unplanned development over careful planning.  Careful planning is in the interest of long-term growth and stability in our state, but evidently developers who have lined Walkers pockets are not interested in the long term. 

From the notoriously conservative Appleton Post Crescent we learn that Walker and the Fitzgerald boys aren’t interested in jobs, but rather in making sure bankers are relived of their responsibilities in relation to credit card debt.  No, not a jobs plan, but a way to make sure credit card companies get every last dime and more from the folks they’ve duped.  The same editorial points out giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry.  No, that one isn’t about jobs either. 

Finally, from the conservative Racine Journal Times we find that Walker and the Fitzgerald boys have strangled the growth of jobs in the wind energy industry, so much that the firms are running from this state that was supposed to be “open for business.”  These actions by the Walker Administration have cost us thousands in investment and hundreds of jobs, besides crippling plans that will help us become independent of fossil fuels in the future. 

The big surprise here is that conservative newspapers are finally calling Walker and his cronines on their transparent tactics.  The voices of folks like Peter Barca and Mark Pocan are finally being heard.  This is good news, in the long run, for Wisconsin and also for the recall efforts against Scott Walker and against state senators like Van Wanggaard.  In the end, everyone will know that Jesus wasn’t about deregulation, but about honesty and jobs. 

But, hey. . . I’m an optimist, and I believe Wisconsin isn’t about giving our resources to corporations, but about serving the people. 

Note:  In the interest of fairness, my household, in the past, has benefited greatly from the pharmaceutical industry.  That does not mean they should get preferential treatment from Walker and his crowd at the expense of the people of Wisconsin. 



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