While Democrats debate jobs in Wisconsin, Rep. Robin Vos tweets about political poll results

Earlier tonight Democrats in the State Assembly were attempting to have a debate about jobs in Wisconsin, but instead of participating in that debate, Republican State Rep. Robin Vos took time out to tweet about the results of recent polling in the GOP Senate race here in Wisconsin.

After Vos’ tweet Democratic Rep. Andy Jorgensen took to the floor of the Assembly and blasted Vos for tweeting about politics while Assembly Democrats were trying to have a debate about jobs, and at the time Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca was speaking about how the GOP’s legislative agenda doesn’t include a single jobs bill.

Instead of focusing on his Twitter account and the 2012 Republican U.S. Senate race during an Assembly session, maybe Rep. Robin Vos could actually focus his time and energy on actual job creation, an issue that Wisconsin’s Republican lawmakers have utterly failed to address in any meaningful way.


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