Why I created SaveSexEd.org

Asher Heimermann
That's me!

Yesterday, I discovered Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) has introduced a bill to repeal the Healthy Youth Act.

The Healthy Youth Act that was passed last year ensures sex education taught in Wisconsin public schools is medically accurate, age-appropriate and comprehensive. The Healthy Youth Act gives teens the tools they need to stay healthy now and in the future.

I was outraged when I learned of this. Abstinence-only sex education Republicans want to implement is an ineffective failure. It will never work – it never has. Teenagers like me will have sex if they want to. I, myself, have chosen not to be pressured into a bad situation.

I hate to say it but from what I see and hear, there’s a baby making club in Sheboygan high schools. In other words, more and more teen girls are becoming pregnant. I won’t get too personal but it seems like every month, there is at least two girls who have became pregnant in my city. If you want that number to raise even more, try the “Abstinence-only” approach. The majority of teenagers will not wait until marriage. It’s high school!

The republicans just don’t get it.

Last night, I created SaveSexEd.org – a website to get people to voice their opposition. For being 17, there is not much I can do but I haven’t let that stop be from getting involved and letting my voice be heard.

I encourage you to join me in supporting the Healthly Youth Act and tell the Senate Republicans to vote NO on SB 237 at www.SaveSexEd.org where you can sign a petition, follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to keep up on my political and community activities, “Like” my Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/heimermann and follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/aheimermann. You can contact me directly via e-mail at asher@asherheimermann.com.


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  1. Asher, you and others like you are the reason I don’t despair about the future. *Wild applause*

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