Why I stand with Barack Obama

Asher Heimermann
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Last week, I wrote about why I will never vote for a republican on Daily Kos. I thought I would take time to talk about why I stand with President Barack Obama and why my first presidential vote of my life will be going to him.

When I supported President Obama in 2007 and 2008, I believed Barack and Joe Biden was best prepared to address our economic crisis by bringing tax relief to working families, protecting American jobs and investing in education and new technology. And I believe the same is true now.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul told NBC’s David Gregory on Sunday that he would “eventually” end all federal aid to students. On Friday, Congressman Paul Ryan, who represents the 1st district of my state and serves as chairman of the Budget Committee, wants me to work three jobs to pay for college. How does he expect me to sleep? As it is now, I get less then five hours of sleep — if I’m lucky. Look, I’m not looking for a handout, I am willing to work. But you can’t expect every kid like myself to have the money or expect to work three jobs to pay for college.

Like I said before, President Obama is working his hardest.  You cannot expect our problems to be solved our night. It’s going to take more than two or four years to solve our country’s problems. Yes, I was upset when Obama did not visit Wisconsin earlier this year to stand with our fellow brothers and sisters in Madison, as he said he would do in 2007 but I didn’t let that change who I was supporting (and voting) for in 2012.

I supported President Obama because was willing to make college affordable. I was only 14 and in eighth grade and later a freshman in high school, attending college was (and very much is) important to me. I knew under Obama, I could count on a White House on the side of students. And by the way, I am very serious about going to college.

I stand with President Obama because he is not against students. He is not against educators. He is not against the middle class. And he is not against moving the United States forward. I trust Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I can’t say the same for the republicans.

Earlier this year, I created the I Stand with President Barack Obama Facebook Page in hopes of sending a grassroots message of support for Barack. So far, nearly 700 supporters have liked the page. Will you join me?

If you are interested in my political and community involvement or just interested in what I have to say, “Like” my Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/heimermann and follow me on Twitter at @aheimermann.


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2 thoughts on “Why I stand with Barack Obama

  1. There are many reasons to support President Obama, and that he does not demonize the whole process of education is a very good one.

    I suppose I support Obama for many reasons, but it is clear that I couldn’t support a Republican, at the very least because of their stances on gay citizens, the issue of race, the attack on the middle class, the issue of choice, etc. I suppose some Republicans might have good theories to guide them on economic issues, though I haven’t seen those Republicans in a long, long time. Until the Republican Party reforms itself, I’ll stick witht he Democrats.

  2. While I can’t and don’t blame President Obama for the failures of Congress to take decisive action on various legislative items, I can and do blame him for not standing with middle class union members here in Wisconsin. President Obama broke a promise he made, and that’s a broken promise I won’t soon forget.

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