Wi GOP Seeks Jobs by Keeping Schoolchildren Ignorant

More job creation by the Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature today from State Senator Mary Lazich of Burlington, who wishes to do away with providing comprehensive sex education to students in the state.  It seems clear from the article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she’s proposed the measure at the behest of Wisconsin Right to Life, Pro-Life Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Catholic Conference.  There’s no logic anywhere that indicates this measure produces jobs in this state.  It is instead a sop to special interests, as is most of the legislation brought forth by Republicans in this special jobs session

Further, Senator Lazich’s proposal runs counter to virtually every respected study on the subject, which note that only complete and comprehensive sex education can combat the difficult problems of STDs and teen pregnancy.  Yes, teen pregnancy is a problem in Wisconsin, as are STDs.  And Abstinence-only education, which Lazich hopes to foist upon the parents and youth of this state, is a failure, as has been shown time and again.   

Lazich is proposing a failure that produces ZERO jobs in a legislative session the Wisconsin GOP says is designed to focus like a laser on jobs.  Yeah, right. 

Well, my state Senator, Van Wanggaard, claims he is all about jobs, so I challenge him to back off from supporting this legislation, else provide fuel for his recall.  What do you say, Van?  Are you for jobs or for special interests? 



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5 thoughts on “Wi GOP Seeks Jobs by Keeping Schoolchildren Ignorant

  1. These dumbass privileged baby boomers fail to understand the battle and the concept. It is not the government’s job to advocate for abstinence by encouraging ignorance about contraceptives. Abstinence is fine, but it is a personal choice.

    These conservatives are putting more in government in our lives than the liberals ever did. Big surprise.

  2. As I have said elsewhere, let’s ask the Palin family how the abstinence thingy is working out for them?

    1. A low blow. The poor girl was raped, even if she doesn’t want to see it like that.

      I feel nothing but pity for her, she has some serious cognitive dissonance going on. But I can’t really go into her life and say what she should or shouldn’t feel.

      1. Bristol Palin insists Levi Johnston is no rapist — but still stands by the statement she makes in her new book … that her 21-year-old baby daddy “stole” her virginity when she was just 15.

        Bristol sat with “Good Morning America” today to discuss the book — entitled “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far” — claiming she used the word “stolen” because “that’s what it felt like.”

        But Bristol quickly adds — “I’m not accusing Levi of date rape, or rape at all. But I am just looking back with the adult eyes I have now, and just thinking, that was a foolish decision.”

        As we previously reported, Bristol claims she lost her virginity to Levi at 15 — while she was drunk on wine coolers.

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