About those GENERAC Jobs, Governor Walker…

GENERAC announced those 400+ job opportunities at their Whitewater plant back when Governor Walker visited and this was touted as a “big win” for Walker and the GOP Jobs Machine.  But you might want to hold off on that victory lap, Governor.  At least 300 of those jobs are only temporary.

Yes, that’s right.  300 temporary jobs is what GENERAC is offering.  The jobs, described as “general assembly workers,” are temporary only.  Here’s a screen-shot of the job description from GENERAC’s HR site:

It is unclear what benefits this temporary job or the other 299 like it will offer, but if it’s like most temp jobs, it won’t offer any benefits.

Hardly the win Wisconsin needs to rebuild from the failure of the Walker administration to create jobs in Wisconsin.


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5 thoughts on “About those GENERAC Jobs, Governor Walker…

  1. Hm-m-m. Scott Walker said that all those construction jobs that the high-speed rail project would have generated were of no use to us, because they were “temporary.” And this is different because. . . .

    1. Funny, that. Of course, these jobs don’t conflict with this pals in the road construction business so they’re OK, I suppose.

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