Happy Holidays to My Friends at FC

Cindy @Fairly Conservative blog (one of my favorites on the right by the way), went on a rant today.

I don’t go all “you suck Democrats!” very often, but I’m close. Darn close. I am so disgusted by the desire they have to keep this state torn to shreds. Now the fight is over districts to recall three State Senators.

Ummm Cindy, while I agree it is disgusting that they have a desire to keep the state torn in shreds, its the republicans who are doing it. They are the ones suing over the recalls and trying to get them in the new gerrymandered districts. So the whole basis of your rant is really aimed at the Grand Ole Party of WI.

When reached for comment:

Cindy and all my friends from the right, relax, the recall will go through and we can have an election based on issues. In the meantime might I suggest a nice stroll through the NECA/IBEW Holiday Fantasy in Lights @Olin park in Madison. The Union men and women always put on a great light display and its very relaxing to grab the family and drive through and check them out. Then I would also recommend eating on Willy St. after, the food is amazing there.

Happy Holidays!

Watch live streaming video from fantasyinlights at livestream.com

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8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to My Friends at FC

  1. That entire post is like a car crash on the freeway; you want to not look, but you just can’t help yourself.

    It’s sad to see how bitter Cindy has become. At one point she seemed decent enough, but nowadays she seems to be drinking the conservative Kool-Aid.

  2. Is it “Dems suck?” Or “You suck, Democrats”? Or “You suck Democrats”? Either way, what is this, Boots and Sabers?

    I’m still waiting for Cindy’s correction on the cigs-for-sigs story. After all, she says she’s always eager to be shown she’s wrong. Except when you do actually show her she’s wrong – and then she’ll IP-ban you from her blog, as she did for me.

      1. Most of them do, Zach. If they had guts, brains, or self-reflection, they wouldn’t Waukesha County tightie righties, now would they?

        They’re getting beat, and they know it.

  3. I have only been banned from Wiggys and Freddys….Cindy has given me a couple “timeouts”

    Its hard for them almost every time they jump on a video like that they are proven wrong shortly thereafter….

  4. I went back and forth with her today. She is extraordinarily obtuse, and not in a good way… 🙂

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